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assistance systems

1. J. Balcerek, P. Pawłowski, A. Dąbrowski, “Vision-based assistance systems for road users,” Proc. of the Annual Evaluation Workshop of the thematic Network on Dependable Cyber Physical Systems (DCPS), Cottbus, Niemcy, 27 listopada 2015, pp. 59-63, 2015.
assistance systems, mobile devices, vision-based detection, traffic lights detection, vehicle headlights detection, turn signal detection Bibtex PDF

2. A. Dąbrowski, P. Kardyś, M. Portalski, D. Cetnarowicz, S. Drgas, P. Pawłowski, A. Meyer, “Electronic systems as elements of human body and human being as an element of electronic systems,” Elektronika : Konstrukcje, Technologie, Zastosowania, vol. 9, pp. 498-507, 2013.
directionalfiltering, signalseparation, speakerrecognition, audiometry, non-harmonic multitones, musicterapy, acupuncture, bioimpedance Bibtex